Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Foreword for the Dream City Community Plan

This business, community, and general plan to heal the track of human interaction with self, community, and nature comes from the sons and daughters who grew up dumbfounded and helpless to the confusing reality of a world not grounded in gratitude, humility, and courage for a peaceful way. We went to your schools. We did our best to follow your rules. But even our pure, honest light was oppressed in a society based on conspicuous consumption, intimidation, and fear. 

As we grew older, we further realized the degradation of morality within industrial civilization. We'd see and feel pain for how our ancestors had disavowed the sanctity of life, for the pursuit of greed, profit, and exploitation. We'd ask ourselves "Could it have always been this way?" And in many cases we'd escape through mindless self indulgence. But at end the end of the day our pain still remained.

Then some of us were inspired. We started taking steps to learn another path. But in doing so, we felt isolated in our purge of consumer civilization. We'd wonder "Could there really be others out there like us? Everything I see on the TV tells me that this deep inclination for truth and respect is one I must keep in secret. One that if I speak too candidly about I will be laughed at and degraded." 

If you can take anything from this life, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this inclination. Deep down we all seek healing and inner peace. Right now, it is obvious to say that some of us fight harder to achieve it, but no matter what it is an achievable goal for any who choose the path. 

Within your being, you hold the seed for the great social rebirth that will be 21st century living. You possess a personal power to engender an abundant relationship with nature. You are the only one who can transform your spirit to pursue compassion in all interactions. No one else besides you is going to save you. No politician. No sweeping technological fix. No environmentalist. No friend or lover. And you are equally not doomed by any enemy or unforeseen force to a painful uncertainty. You are your only hope at a better world. 

Once you believe more in the healing potential of the human spirit than the greed and convenient consumption of a debt based monetary system you will find true freedom.