Saturday, January 12, 2013

Re-Entering the Blogosphere

Dear Friend,        
      It's been a long time since I've blogged. It's not that I lost interest in sharing my story or that I didn't have anything to write about. I just simply needed a break from this electronic medium of communication. I needed to spend sometime living in the real world, learning from real world interactions, before I could get back onto the blogosphere to share the realizations that the real world can bring you to.

        What has re-kindled my interest in blogging is knowing how unique of an individual I am. I know that that the experiences I've had for three years living on the road with Pick Up America and the streak of activism and truth that has been my path for over 6 years make me very unique. The intense energetic interactions that bound me to understand the interconnectedness of life at a deeper level than most I've met, afford knowledge and understanding that is very unique. I am ready to blog again simply because my yearn for compassion tells me that my story as maybe it could be of some help to you.

Hard at work in Cincinnati with Pick Up America - a non-profit I co-founded 
that removed more than 100 tons of litter over three years across 14 states.

        God or the summation of all the energies in the universe that have been, presently are, and will be, (please except whichever term you are most comfortable with) have brought a game changing and ultimately fulfilling perspective into my life. My soul yearns to bring compassion and speak truth so that many of my fellow men and women might also align their mental, spiritual, and physical yearning with a path that brings them to their highest truth and allows them to tread out of consumer culture without hesitation, fear, or regret.

        If you are starting on this path, it is essential to give thanks to our earth, our universe, our friends, our family, our guides, and whatever divine power you align with. We are spiritual beings and as such, the energies our soul displays are the primary reason for the emotions we feel on a daily basis. We emit feelings, (or you can even pray to feel a certain way) and those feelings attract a physical reality and social interactions that reflect our emotional stirrings. If we are thankful, God or the energies of the universe, (please except whichever term you are most comfortable with) will return our thanks with appreciation for who we are and why we have been born. This thanks will return in the form of deepened and more fulfilling relationships, a greater understanding of who you truly are, and a healthy energetic relationship with yourself, your community and nature. 

        By no means do I have everything figured out and in so many ways we never will. What I do know though is that true humility requires us to be honest and accept who we truly are. For a long time my struggle was knowing that I am special, but not understanding how to share my gifts without presenting myself as bossy, cocky, arrogant, or egotistical. My struggle was calmed by realizing that giving my time and energy to help other people spur a healthy connection with their higher self, their community, and their ecology, is truly a humble pursuit no matter how I am labeled.

        I seek no label of fame or material wealth through these pursuits. I seek simply to be a light in the world leading people out of a culture that has brought destruction to our biosphere and intense pain into the hearts of men and women across the globe. While I do know this is a tremendous mountain to climb, I also know it will be easier if we do it together and if the knowledge on how to reach the plateau is readily shared.

       I break my silence on the blogosphere because my soul must yearns with an unquenchable thirst to speak truth and radiate compassion to anyone who is ready to walk up the mountain with myself and so many others who are also on the path.  As we travel together, remember to look deeper into reality to determine what steps you need to take to become fully at peace with yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help from others on the path and remember to pray on peace and compassion to attract those interactions into your life. Once you have reconciled with yourself, you can begin to help other people get on their path.

       As we reach a critical mass of enlightenment, the fundamental assumptions about what is and what should be will shift and guide us out of a reality that brings so much physical, mental, and spiritual degradation without haste. As we shift we will live with a creative fervor that brings greater peace, compassion, truth, knowledge, and humble power into our consciousness, our families, our communities, our countries, and ultimately the world as we know it.

       I write for the greater internet audience again, simply because I pray for this shift everyday and that maybe this writing can help facilitate your personal shift. Whoever you may be, just know that you are loved, peace exists in human nature, and that it is our ultimate destiny to live this peace if you believe in it.

       My name is David Allen Rogner. I am 27 years old. And I have arisen humbly to help facilitate our shift of consciousness.
       With Peace, Love, and Positive Vibrations. 
Sitting atop Capitol Reef National Park realizing that life is all about perspective.

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  1. Truly inspiring Davey. I look forward to future blogs!